Anew Clinical Eye Lift

anew clinical eye lift reviewsMany middle aged women have to deal with dark circles and puffiness underneath their eyes.  When you think about it, there is a reason behind the puffiness.  This is why there are so many creams and treatments out there that help to target the base of this problem and help to eliminate it altogether.  While you may feel that it is just a lack of sleep, this really has nothing to do with it at all.  It is generally a result of small broken blood vessels under the eyes that cause it.  The best wrinkle creams will treat this issue.  Lets see if the Anew Clinical Eyelift does just that!

Product Overview

The Anew Clinical Eyelift is manufactured by Avon.  Avon is a well known company that makes many types of beauty products, including skin care and cosmetics.  They also have a lot of other things such as fragrances and bath and body products- and even some jewelry and fashion.  They are really a one stop shop for a lot of things.  When you look at this particular eye cream, you will find that it has two different sections.  There is a gel and a cream, and they both do different things.  The gel has a Dimensional Lift Technology that helps to firm the area around the brow bone and create a lifting effect.  The cream is for under the eyes, and it helps to reduce puffiness and circles under the eyes.  There have been clinical studies done by dermatologists to prove that this product works against dark circles.

Consumer Reviews

“I started using anew clinical eye lift about three years ago.  I found that within just a few weeks there was a noticeable difference around my eyes.  It seemed like my eyes were brighter.  I use it twice a day- both in the morning and at night for maximum results.  I really like the fact that it is 2 in 1, and I do not have to worry with 2 separate products.  I have tried other products in the past, and this was the one that got me hooked.  I also love the fact that the price is so reasonable.  My Avon representative made a great recommendation when she recommended this product!” – Jennifer, Wisconsin

Pricing and Availability

As with all Avon products, you can generally purchase them from a local Avon representative.  If you do not have one, or you just want to save a little bit of money, then you can purchase from Amazon.  For around $15, you can get this product and have it shipped to you.  This is a great price for a product that seems to do just what it says it will do.  Instead of spending much more money on other products, you may want to order this one and at least give it a try.


When you consider the product and the price, it is hard to say no to a $15 investment for the sake of the appearance of your eyes.  It is clear that most people see a dramatic difference when they start using the product.  It really works at the root of the problem, and clinical studies have shown that it works- which should give you more peace of mind when ordering it.  If you have hesitations, talk to a local Avon representative and see if they have a sample that they can give you to try before you buy!

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