Dermavexin Review

dermavexin reviewWrinkle reduction products are very popular parts of skin care regimens, and things always seem more powerful when they are referred to as “prescription-strength.”  Combining those two facts into one product should be an excellent idea right?  One of the claims of Dermavexin is that it provides prescription strength wrinkle reduction, but since there are no prescription strength wrinkle reducers what does that actually mean?

In short it means that Dermavexin is making an attempt at clever marketing, and in this case the high price tag is definitely not on par with the results.  Let’s look at a few reasons why Dermavexin does not live up to its claims, and find out where to save money on purchasing it if you do decide to give Dermavexin a try.

Product Overview

The active ingredients in any wrinkle cream are what determine the effectiveness of the product.  Dermavexin’s active ingredients include the peptides argeriline, matrixyl, and syncoll, which are all among the most powerful peptides currently available on the market.  A look at the actual ingredient list shows all of these peptides listed early which is an indication that they are in high concentration in Dermavexin.

One of Dermavexin’s major claims is the use of stem-cell technology to promote the body’s natural mechanisms for skin repair.  The problem is that none of these claims are backed by any concrete research studies.  Dermavexin does list several good natural moisturizers prominently on its ingredient list including shea butter and avocado oil.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“At $125 a bottle on many websites, it became a little bit easier to try Dermavexin after finding it for $100 a bottle on Amazon.  One claim that I have found to be very true is that the silky smooth texture of the product feels very nice on the skin.  The moisturizers that are listed throughout the ingredient list are obviously present in high quantity because Dermavexin leaves skin feeling highly moisturized all day long.  With regard to the actual wrinkle reduction properties- it is a bit lacking.  There seems to be a small reduction in the amount of fine lines around the eyes. Since these fine lines are often due to dry skin it makes sense that a good moisturizer would help with that issue.  Having tried other products that have much more dramatic results, it is safe to pass on Dermavexin.”  – Kathy, Montana

Pricing and Availability

As mentioned earlier the normal price for Dermavexin is $125, but the serious shopper can find a deal on Amazon fairly often for about $100 a bottle.  This is still expensive, especially in comparison to many products that provide similar results at much lower prices.  One benefit of Dermavexin is that you do get better prices if you buy it in bulk.  By combining products you can save up to 25% on the total price of Dermavexin products.


While there is a natural tendency to associate high price tags with high quality and dramatic results, it is not always the case.  If you insist on spending a lot of money on a wrinkle cream, there are other products that provide much better results for the same prices as Dermavexin.  Even better, there are products that provide similar results as Dermavexin for much lower prices.  While it cannot be denied that Dermavexin is definitely a great moisturizer, with its price tag it needs to follow through a bit better on its wrinkle reduction claims.

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