eyebryten reviewsDoes the saggy, puffy skin under your eyes make it appear that you are perpetually tired?  If that is the case you likely want to do something about that issue.  Under EyeBryten promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, as well as the puffiness that often goes along with it.  With a number of natural ingredients it seems that EyeBryten should provide the intended reduction in dark circles and under eye sagging without the risk associated with harsh chemicals.  Does EyeBryten actually work or does it just make big claims?

Product Overview

EyeBryten uses a formulation that contains a combination of peptides along with natural ingredients,  including green tea extract, aloe, and Vitamin B5.  The product is surprisingly low on the gimmicks that are often use with under eye creams to imply that they accomplish a lot more than they actually do.  The makers claim that the product should show significant results after about one month of regular use.  EyeBryten also labels itself as a more generic version of some of the more powerful serums on the market designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“Chronic under eye dark circle sufferers know that even a little relief and a little reduction in their appearance is a good thing.  Raccoon eyes are not a good look and EyeBryten does work to fix that issue.  On the whole it seems to be more effective with the reducing under eye puffiness aspect and this is likely due to the fact that it is a great moisturizer.  It does take a little while to start seeing results, so be sure to stick with the product for at least 2 weeks or more to ensure whether it works well for you or not.  I’m definitely happy with the reduction in both under eye puffiness and dark circles.”  – Sandra, Oklahoma

Where To Buy

EyeBryten is available not only online but at a variety of pharmacy chain stores.  This is great for those who feel more comfortable making their purchases in an actual store, especially since stores often make it much easier to return products if there is some issue.  For those who choose to buy the product online EyeBryten can be purchased on Amazon for about $10 plus whatever shipping and handling is to where you live.  For that price it is definitely worth giving a try.


EyeBryten is a great value in that it does what it promises and it will not break your budget.  While it is true that there are more expensive products on the market that may provide an even more significant reduction in visible wrinkles, at $10 EyeBryten provides good results at a price where you will not feel bad if you try and the results are not exactly what you are expecting.  It is important to note that it does not actually contain Hyloxl and Eyeliss, which are two of the more potent chemicals used in the more expensive under eye serums, only extracts of the two chemicals.  Even the manufacturer points out that results vary based on skin type, so it is reasonable to assume that dark circles may not disappear completely depending on your skin type, but it is more that likely that you will see at least some reduction in the dark circles.  In almost all cases the reduction in puffiness was significant so if you want to improve the look of your eyes on budget, you should definitely check out EyeBryten.

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