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eyecon benefit reviewsWith so many people suffering from dark under eye circles the market for creams that help to fade under eye circles is chock full of products.  Benefit Eyecon is just one of many of those products that claim to reduce the appearance of under eye circles and well as reduce the puffiness around the eyes that is also a common problem.  Containing a wide variety of natural ingredients the product claims to help eyes look natural and refreshed after using the product regularly for a few weeks. Does the combination of natural ingredients actually work to help make the skin under your eyes look better?

Product Overview

Benefit Eyecon is a cream that can applied both in the morning and at night for the best results.  You can use makeup fight on top of the cream as long as it is thoroughly rubbed into the face first.  One of the nice things is that it does not take a lot of cream to get the job done.  It does take a few weeks of regular use before the benefits to the dark circles is clearly visible, and in the case of those with very severe dark circles it may take a little over a month to see the good results.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“Following the manufacturers’ directions to apply the cream twice a day did produce results after about three weeks.  The first thing to go was the puffiness around the eyes.  In fact, a reduction in puffiness was noticeable after about a week and a half.  The fading of the dark circles was not quite to the level expected, but there was some definite reduction, and it is quite possible that with continued use the desired results can be achieved.  It is good to use concealer along with the product while it is in the process of working.”  –  Brit, Arkansas

Pricing and Availability

The best price for Benefit Eyecon can be found on Amazon at about $15.  At this price it is hard to not at least give Benefit Eyecon a try.  The Benefit website seems to run out of the product pretty often, which is fairly odd; either it means that the product sells really well, or they are simply not producing enough of it to meet their needs.  When used regularly the $15 jar of Benefit Eyecon should last for about a month.


Benefit Eyecon is a pretty good under eye cream for the price.  It moisturizes well and depending on the severity of your dark circles it does a pretty good job of fading them.  Like most under eye creams the product is more effective when it comes to reducing under eye puffiness.  Continued use is the best way to see the full results of the product, and it is not really a good idea to stop using the product unless you experience some kind of reaction.  Most under eye creams are designed to be used continuously once you start them.  For what it is worth if you want to accentuate the benefits of using Benefit Eyecon you may want to start getting the proper amount of rest on a daily basis.  That along with the recommended daily intake of water will also help you to improve the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness.

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