Nue Science and Lifecell – Do They Really Work?

After trolling through the Internet recently, I happened to come across a special news report talking about combining two powerful wrinkle creams called Nue Science and Lifecell.  This particular site talked about how you can use these 2 together in combination to get great results, similar to those you would get from expensive surgery like Botox.  After purchasing both of these products, and using them as directed, I decided to write this review about my results from using them.  After all, that is our fortay, we buy these products and try them out, so you know what you are getting before you buy.  But first, let’s explore these two anti wrinkle creams in detail to learn more about their promises.

What is Nue Science?

nue science and lifecell reviewsAccording to the Nue Science website, this particular product is supposed to reduce wrinkle density by up to 68%, decrease wrinkle volume by as much as 24%, and lessens wrinkle depth by up to 40%.  Now to be clear, I have used several dozen wrinkle creams that make promises like this, but fail to deliver.  It usually just ends up being a really good moisturizer, but every once in awhile I come across something that really works.

Right now, the company is giving away limited trials of their product, and they say they are only giving away 250 per day.  This marketing tactic has been used for ages, so its obvious they probably won’t run out of product anytime soon.  The key ingredient Nue Science is called Matrixyl 3000, which is actually used in several other very potent creams like Resvibrant and Lift SP.

What is Lifecell?

lifecell reviewLifecell is a supposedly revolutionary product that has taken Hollywood by storm, and is being talked about all through the media.  It has been featured on several very reputable programs, such as Fox News, and other media outlets like Globe ans Star magazine.  It’s actually one of the few products that are endorsed by top celebrities including Paula Abdul, Joey Fatone, and others, as well as a top recommendation by Dermatologists nationwide.

This “breakthrough” in skin care is supposed to start working in 17 seconds, and the company challenges you to take a before and after picture to prove the results to you.

Check out this video review of Lifecell we found:

Week 1-2 Results

I received my trials in the mail just a couple of days after ordering, and I began using them immediately.  I will say this, the difference was very dramatic after trying Lifecell, but i really didn’t get anything more than a natural moisturizer from Nue Science.  When Lifecell said that your wrinkles would be dramatically reduced in 17 seconds, they weren’t kidding!  I was totally amazed by the results from taking Lifecell, but I really cant say the same for Nue Science.

The real difference was when my friends started noticing my appearance.  I began getting compliments from people that see me on a weekly basis, like the women at the nail salon, friends at work, even my husband!  He never notices anything like that!  I must say though, that I didn’t see the dramatic difference that the special news report was talking about, although I did look a couple of years younger.

So Does Using Lifcell Combined with Nue Science Really Work?

After ordering these 2 products and trying them out first hand, I did notice a difference in my appearance almost instantaneously.  I did not have the chance to take any before and after pics (my camera is broken!), but trust me the difference was noticeable after using Lifecell.  I did not think that Nue Science really made that much of a difference, but I will continue using both of these until the bottles run out.

I recommend that you at least try a 30 day trial of Lifecell, and just see how that one works out for you.  You can try a 30 day trial at their official website,



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