Skinlastin Review

skinlastin reviewWhen a wrinkle cream offers to do a number of other things in addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles it often makes for instant skeptics, and that is not without reason because it is much better for a wrinkle cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles than to put its major focus on other improvements.

Skinlastin brands itself as more than just a wrinkle cream, so it will really have to prove itself in order to earn a recommendation. Here are a few things that Skinlastin claims to offer in addition to wrinkle reduction.

Product Overview

Skinlastin is a rather unique product right down to the way that it is applied to the skin. Skinlastin uses the micro-penetrating Nanoderm Technology application system to make sure that the whole face receives the product in just the right amount to produce the best results and a brighter complexion. Several synthetic protein complexes can be found in Skinlastin including Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Hyaluronic Acid, and Matrixyl-3000.

These complexes help to inhibit the contraction of facial muscles as well as promote production of collagen in the body, which leads to tauter skin.  Finally, the compound SYN-AKE derived from Temple Viper snake venom provides Skinlastin with its power-packed wrinkle reduction. Clinical studies have proven that SYN-AKE does have the power to affect skin at the dermis layer.

Consumer Review

One consumer that purchased this wrinkle cream stated:

“It was nice to see clinical studies actually involved with a website that promoted a wrinkle cream. The fact that a dermatologist actually recommended the product was rather encouraging as well. The directions encourage that the product be applied over the entire face. Sure enough forehead creases were definitely not as pronounced after about a month of consistent usage. It does not work overnight, but unlike many other wrinkle creams on the market it does actually work. Also of note is that the claim of brightening the complexion is legitimate as well.” – Tara, Georgia

Pricing and Availability

After researching many different kinds of wrinkle creams it was a pleasant surprise to find that a product that worked this well was right around the $100 mark. Even better if you choose to buy it in bulk you can save up to 35% on the listed price. These prices are available on the company website, so there is no real need to go over to Amazon for this one since the prices are actually cheaper on the company website. The company does offer a satisfaction guarantee, and you can contact them about any concerns you have about Skinlastin. You can also get great pricing by buying special combination packs that include Skinlastin along with other products offered by the company.


Skinlastin makes several bold claims, and it was pleasantly surprising to find that they backed up each and every one of them upon testing. The price point makes Skinlastin one of the best wrinkle cream choices around the $100 mark. It is even safe to go so far as to say you many want to consider buying in bulk right from the start, in order to take advantage of the discounted pricing offered on the company website. Skinlastin has the science to back up its claims, which sets it apart from much of the competition. If you are looking for a product to reduce wrinkles, make skin taut, and brighten the complexion then Skinlastin should be your product of choice.

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