Sobe Labs and Hydroxatone

With tons of anti aging products scattered throughout the market, it can be hard to find the right one sometime.  We have reviewed and analyzed over 2 dozen different products, and we recently came across a so called “miracle” combination called sobe labs and hydroxatone.  The jist of the story goes, some mom somewhere used these two wrinkle creams combined to get amazing results.  Sound familiar?  Well, we decided to investigate these products further and take a look at the ingredients, as well as see user testimonials to get the full story.  Check out what we found below:

What is Sobe Labs?

Sobe labs touts itself as an instant wrinkle reducer, which supports up to 35% of collagen production, Reduces appearance of wrinkles by 45%, and reduces wrinkle density by 37%.  It is marketed and manufactured in the US, and is only available in North America.  It does not appear to be sold in any major department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Sears.

Sobe Labs is supposed to work by applying just once a day, after you wash your face, and let the ingredients soak in for maximum absorbency.  The sobelabs reviewpremise behind this particular product is an ingredient called Polymoist-PS Complex, a peptide that is reportedly proven in clinical studies to reduce wrinkles.  After just 8 weeks of usage, you are supposed to see a 18% wrinkle percentage loss, leaving you with a younger look.

What is Hydroxatone?

hyrdoxatone reviewsHydroxatone claims its the worlds best anti-wrinkle cream, and labels itself as a Botox alternative.  It’s scientifically proven formula, which contains the powerful ingredient matrixyl 3000, is supposed to enhance production of new healthy skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliate and reduce dead unhealthy skin cells, and replenish your skin with a healthy moisturizer.

Hydroxatone is used twice a day, once in the morning upon waking, and once at night before bedtime.  According to their official site, a clinical survey was conducted that proved 90% of the women that used Hydroxatone saw visible results in just a few short weeks.  When ordering, they also include a free bottle of toner, which is apparently a $40 value.

What About Using Hydroxatone and Sobe Labs Combined?

Each of these wrinkle creams are very effective on their own, but we wanted to see if there were any women who actually used sobe labs and hydroxatone combined.  The advertisement we saw talked about a 10 year reduction in looks from using these 2 combined, so surely there would be some women that have stepped forward to let us know their results.

Well, after alot of research, we could not find any discussions, blog posts, or forums that talked about these 2 products together, so we turned to individual results of each of these products.

User Reviews of Hydroxatone

“I have been using for about 4 weeks now, and my skin feels alot firmer and looks alot better.  I would say that I lost about 10% of my wrinkles, something I never really got from alot of other products.  I tried dermitage before, but never really got anything from it.  Hydroxatone was great because I did not get any bad side effects from it, something that I did get from many of the other wrinkle creams I have tried.”
Louis, Indiana

“Hydroxatone leaves my face feeling soft and smooth.  I swear my wrinkles are pretty much gone, but I did notice I have to keep on taking it to see real results from it.  Overall, I think I will keep using it, however it is kind of expensive.  They charge me about $110 every month for a new supply.  Still cheaper than most of the others I used.”
Kate, Maryland

User Reviews of Sobe Labs

“The best thing about this cream are my crows feet are finally starting to go away.  I have had them for years, and I tried everything to reduce their appearance.  It also rubs in very easy, and sobe labs has a great scent to it as well.  I even gave my sister a bottle to try out herself, she loves it!”
Jen, Florida

“I like how this cream kind of covers up my pores, or at least make them shrink a little bit.  I feel like I have shaved off a few years with this product, and will continue using for the near future.”
Rachel, California

Our Recommendation

We personally think that Hydroxatone is the most effective anti-wrinkle cream, but sobe labs does show some promise.  As far as using these together, we can’t see any benefit from it other than a minor increase in collagen production.  Stick with the Hydroxatone, but make sure you really like it in the first few days, because after your free trial is up they start charging you every month for it.

Our # 1 Rated Wrinkle Cream – Lifecell

Lifecell has been rated out number 1 anti wrinkle cream for a wide variety of reasons, but simply put, it works!  Its a simple fact that there is no way to really completely get rid of your wrinkles, but you can cover them up in a dramatic way.  This is where Lifecell comes in.  The first time I used it, I was amazed to see my wrinkles virtually disappear within 20 seconds of applying!

Lifecell has been used by both celebrities and physicians, and has been proven to work both through clinical research, and user results.  We have had the pleasure of seeing the great results first hand, and wanted to let you know about it.

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